One Shenzhen Bay Shenzhen Guangdong China

        Entrepreneurs and High Achievers,together in these luxury apartments-
        The Highest Ultra Thick Customized Terracotta Panel in Asia  
        Shenzhen Bay 1 is located on the northwest side of the junction of Dongbin Road and Ke Yuan Road in Houhai Central District, close to the first floor of the lake in Shenzhen Bay. It is also the first item to be seen from the Shenzhen Bay Port. Is a high-end urban complex, will be built after the sea area landmark buildings, with a total construction area of 358000 square meters, the building height of 70-338 meters.

        Shenzhen Bay on the 1st surrounded by a good ecological environment and a variety of recreational facilities, and the surrounding functional groups are closely linked, it is the western access gateway to Shenzhen and Hong Kong; traffic network is very developed to three vertical and four horizontal main road, Shenzhen Metro Line 2, the western channel and other traffic arteries.
Shenzhen Guangdong China Customer
Shenzhen Pengrui Real Estate Group Type
Residential Design
KPF(NY) Product
FC-900×600×(35+100)mm/TY101 Quantity
8800㎡ Time for completion

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