About Us


         Yixing is located in Jiangsu Province,China,recognised worldwide as the "The Pottery Capital of China".It is famous around the world as the home of original clay teapot.
        Jiangsu CN Eco-Materials Company Ltd (stock code:838690) is a modern facility engaged in the research,development,production and selling of facade materials for the construction industry.This includes terracotta louveres,terracotta panels and high-grade exterior wall split tiles.
        Investment in the 60,000spm state of the art factory is constant,both in terms of the latest machinery,production methods and the continuous development of our biggest asset,our people.The CN facility is the key industry and largest employer in Yixing City.Currently,its annual capacity of terracotta panels is aooroximately 1.5 million ㎡,terracotta louvres is around 1 million metres,and split tiles about 1 million ㎡.
        CN has inherited and developed the iconic purple sand pottery technology in Yixing,Jiangsu Province.With its deep cultural background,rich artistic expression and modern innovation concepts,CN meets the demanding requirements of high-end designers for the variety of textures and colours of architectural terracotta for facades.
        CN is committed to developing an eco-friendly industry,where quality,innovation,health,environmental protection and safety are at the heart of everything we do.CN advocates harmony between humans and architecture,between humans and the environment and between humans and nature,where we can lead a new era in the construction industry.


        Cultural people encounter cultural pottery.University professor Wang Weicheng,he has always been interested in the pottery making process of purple sand pot,it is widely used in building curtain wall to achieve high-grade and beautiful decorative effect.China in the early 21st century,terracotta panel has not yet been recognized.A strong sense of mission prompted Professor Wang Weicheng to set up CN Company-Use China's best purple clay to make the world's best panels,focus on the development and production of high-end terracotta panel.In 2016,the terracotta panel from CN was successfully applied to "CTF Finance Center",the building is 530 meters high,which broke the previous world record held by Germany.In the same year,CN terracotta panel was successfully applied to China's most luxurious mansion-One Shenzhen Bay,together with well-known Internet owners.It has become a new benchmark for luxury mansion in China.
        Let the world terracotta panel come to China,and let Chinese terracotta panel go to the world.Combined with KPF,CallisonRTKL and other global architectural design giants,also design of Renzo Piano and Kengo Kuma,CN has gone out into the world.

Mission: To win the worldwide reputation for the Chinese ceramic industry
Vision: To be a world leader in the architectural terracotta industry
Value: Honest, Responsibiltiy, Quality, Teamwork , Innovation, Respect, Competition and Success.
Honest: True words, no fake, insist the principle, never accept subordinate gift.
Responsibiltiy: CN always be responsible to customers, staffs, shareholders, suppliers and society, and take responsibility for ourself, for works, for families.
Quality: CN focus on the quality of work, to improve the work flow and product quality continuously for excelsior.
Team:CN pay attention to communication, coordination and service, and support team goals.
Innovation: CN innovate and challenge constantly in management, product, technology and services, never be satisfied with present.
Respect:CN respect to everyone, create mutual trust, speak freely, and provide employees with fair opportunities for development.
Competition:CN always pay attention to the market changes, have the courage to compete, keep making progress, strengthen the sense of cost and efficiency awareness for survival of the fittest.
Success:CN help staff promotion, achieve their self-worth, develop collective achievement, and share the joy of success.
Cultural Heritage
Due to the local special geographic formation, Yixing city is fetile in “Purple Sand” clay that also known as “ 5 colors soil”. Back to the New Stone Age, hardworking People of Yixing already started to make pottery by toning the purple clay. This natural technique, which gets the colors directly from the raw material, has been in use for thousands of years – with excellent results to show for itself. After millennia of development, the purple clay pottery culture now has evolved into a charming art that combines the terracotta modeling, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, and literature.
The Zisha pottery culture also has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. Unique purple sand clay and legendary pottery technique make Yixing city “the pottery capital of china”, and the global brand recognition within the pottery community.
CN architectural terracotta that based on the “five color soil” as main material still produced by the natural coloring technique. It gives CN product a strong comparative advantage on its pure color and long lasting over all competitors that uses additional pigment. It is also the key reason why CN product can always won the favor of develpers and disigners word widely.
Superior Quality
Leading technology and strict management are the strong guarantee of CN’s superior quality.
At present, CN has two leading terracotta panel production lines that all used imported machineries with the total investment reached 100 million HK dollars. The first manufacturing line that uses for producing the ordinary standard products adopts the Italian vacuum extruder, roller kiln, and German cutting machine, loading & unloading robot, and chamber dryer and etc. The second manufacturing line is designed for producing the big size and special customized products. It consists of the German extruder machine, the Italian cutting machine, LGV transportation and storage system, five layers horizontal dryer, roller kiln and edge grinding machine. All these machineries and process technique represents the leading technology of terracotta panel manufacturing in the world.
On the Quality Control aspect, CN also establishes and executes a series of strict standards that summarized from last 8 years’ experience in each steps from the very beginning’s raw material selection and processing to the finishing products’ sizes and chromatic aberration.
During the daily management, CN execute the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) strategy management system and Six Sigma system to achieve the goal, and the result is prominent.
Green Practices
1, Green technology
New fine cut ceramic plate USES is currently the most admired wet molding process in Europe, to avoid the dry spray granulation is molding process of ball mill and the two link, thus greatly reduce the production process of energy consumption and pollution, environmental protection function significantly, conform to the state advocates the policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, represents a new trend of ceramic production technology in the future.
2, Cyclic utilization
Due to adopt the most advanced equipment and technology, the new fine cut ceramic plate in the drying and firing link had a relatively short time, waste gas, waste heat for reuse at the same time, fully reflects the high efficiency and energy saving, the characteristics of the low carbon environmental protection, is in the leading level in the industry.
3, "Breathing" curtain wall
On ceramic plate in use because of the transverse crack formed by the overlapping of the installation structure of open mode, make the air flow freely between the surface and wall material, become a "breathing" type curtain wall, better than the traditional closed curtain wall system can effectively reduce the air conditioning energy consumption of building energy saving.