YADA International Rehabilitation Center-CN ARCHITECTURAL TERRACOTTA
YADA International Rehabilitation Center Wuzhen Zhejiang China
CN joins the small number of global manufacturers who are able to produce large terracotta panels,the only producer in Asia.         

        Since June 28, 2012 Wuzhen Yada International Health Industrial Park since the foundation, the development of nearly 40 million square meters of construction area, 35,000 square meters of the old university (including static dynamic teaching building, health promotion hall, art hall, gymnasium, kindergarten ), And 73,000 square meters of Astec International Rehabilitation Hospital (including the old Chinese and Western medicine clinics, health care centers, etc.), Astec Silver Age Meeting (elderly supplies display, experience center) has been completed and Put into operation, appropriate aging apartments have been sold for nearly 2,000 sets, of which 1100 have been delivered to stay, high-end resort and creative office area, shopping malls are under construction. A full-scale Asia's largest, the best quality of the complex has been a real show of pension park.

        As the core of Wuzhen Yada International Health Industrial Park, Wuzhen Yada International Medical Rehabilitation Center is the highest in China, the highest medical technology medical rehabilitation center. The architectural program was designed by Dr. Stephan Schütz, President of GMP Germany. The facade mainly uses our four different colors of Tao Baiye, a total of 160,000 meters. The project is also currently the world's largest use of Tao Baiye project.
Wuzhen Zhejiang China Customer
Yada International Holdings Group Type
Old age care Design
GMP Product
LF-1200×(50+50)mm FC-1200×150×30mm Quantity
160000m 3000㎡ Time for completion

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