Hang Seng Business & Management Institute in Hong Kong-CN ARCHITECTURAL TERRACOTTA
Hang Seng Business & Management Institute in Hong Kong Hong Kong China

        Hang Seng Management College (abbreviation: HSMC) formerly known as Hang Seng Business College, registered as an accredited post-secondary college on 4 May 2010, offering Honors and Associate Degree programs. Hang Seng School of Management's vision is to become an outstanding private university, and focus on business and management fields, with excellent teaching and research, the establishment of reputation, leading group of London, to promote "liberal arts professional education" model. Hang Seng School of Management has implemented the established long-term development plan 2013-2018, to the rapid development of private universities. The university is undertaking large-scale campus expansion projects, teachers and students will be able to enjoy the most advanced and humane teaching, research and accommodation facilities to meet the requirements of private higher education.

        The project is also my company and even the Chinese ceramic industry to enter the Hong Kong market, the first project, but also through a full range of British standard BS8200: 1985 and so on a series of tests. Thus officially open the Hong Kong market.

Hong Kong China Customer
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Kelly Construction Company Limited Type
Stylistic education Design
Wang Ouyang (Hong Kong) Architectural Engineering Firm Product
FC-490*310T4 Quantity
6350㎡ Time for completion
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